Entire Notes Address Book to Outlook is Accessible with Expert External Utility

Contacts are the most important part for any company, thus losing the all contacts due to change of just email application is not tolerable for any professional. As for running large or small businesses users use email applications to store data, gone are the days when contacts are stored in hard copies. So, for keeping business contacts safe and sound, email applications are widely used.

  • Similarly, we have contacts with our friends, colleagues, which are stored in email application we are using. For saving unofficial contacts, you cannot use another email client. Such contacts details come under Personal contacts.
  • Now, suppose you are using Lotus Notes email application and you are storing your entire data into Lotus Notes platform only, and now you are planning for Outlook to use. That time you surely want to convert Entire Notes Address Book to Outlook.

Numerous situations are connected to contact conversion; however matter can be resolved with only 3rd party solution.

  • Need to Convert Lotus Notes Contacts into Different Email Clients: If your situation is to convert contacts in .nsf file format to different email clients then the best way is to convert NSF contacts list to vCard, because of universal acceptance including email clients like Outlook Express, Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Thunderbird etc. VCF format of vCard is accepted with different but prominent mobile devices like Blackberry, etc.
  • Need to Take Away Contacts along with you on a Tour: On an official tour, you only have need for contacts, which are stored in official computer machine. Now, you cannot work with Lotus Notes contacts on official trip, thus for carrying contacts with you, Convert Lotus Notes contacts list into .xls file, which is easy to carry and provide you with sufficient requirement
  • Need to Convert Entire Notes Address Book to Outlook: Unfortunately, if you are required to send official contacts to your employee with Outlook and you have Lotus Notes, then it is not possible, till you convert NSF contacts into PST file format of MS Outlook.